Our Story

Bound by a love of paper goods, funny drawings and keen appreciation for puns, sisters Alice & Doris of ILOOTPAPERIE firmly believe in aiding and abetting others to steal hearts through their loot of cheeky, colorful musings. They currently work out of their cozy Pasadena apartment where pun-filled illustrations spring to life and there are many a late night spent hand packing cards with care.

How it all started // Our joint foray into paper goods came about when we dabbled in creating custom wedding invitations for some close friends. Greeting cards seemed like a natural extension and the perfect way for us to put to paper a collection of cheeky thoughts and images that represented who we are.

We loved that our father looked up our last name “Lieu” in the dictionary to determine the spelling when he emigrated over as a graduate student (he was and still is very nerdy). So we’ve aspired to weave our family name, Lieu, into a company name ever since we were little. We initially started with “In Lieu of Ordinary Things.” Then one night we were playing around with variations and realized the acronym spelled “ILOOT,” we added “paperie” to it and voila! Pierre, our stripe–wearing bandit mascot, sprang to life.

What motivates us to create // There is a beautiful dialogue that transpires between our designs and how they speak differently and fit into the conversations happening in the lives of the people who buy these cards. We feel honored to be a part of that.

Follow us on Instagram @ilootpaperie for more daily snippets of our paper shenanigans! xo

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